Sustainable Glasses Made of Wood Sales Plant New Trees Worldwide

SEED eyewear is a new start-up, which follows the ‘One for One’ concept with their sunglass line.

For each pair sold, SEED will plant five new trees in forests around the world

According to SEED, it is estimated that 3-6 billion trees are destroyed each year for various reasons. While deforestation itself is a massive undertaking to combat, SEED has partnered with tree planting organizations worldwide to ensure that with every purchase, a new tree is properly planted.

They aim to support the places, which rely the most heavily on their forests for survival, beginning with Haiti, Ethiopia, and Madagascar.

The creators are a pair from Slovenia who combines their love of fashion and design with their global consciousness for the planet. An Indiegogo campaign is currently underway to raise funds for the line of eyewear made 100% from bamboo, making the glasses both lightweight and able to float in water.


 Why I am interested?

Glasses made of woods? And for each pair sold, a tree is planted? At first, I did not find this concept very logical and when I learned that Bamboo was one of the fastest growing plants in the world, durable and known as the renewable substitute to other types of wood, it made sense.

The coolest thing about this concept is to see that new fashion trends can have positive ramifications for the environment.


A Cup which Automatically Knows What’s Inside And Tracks Drinking Habits

Vessyl is a drinking cup with an electronic display that can detect what’s inside and tracks consumption in real time.

The 13oz tumbler features sensors that can identify the liquid inside.

When the vessel is filled up, its contents are displayed on the side, along with calorie information that helps drinkers watch their weight. As well as the instant identification, Vessyl can be connected to owners’ smartphones to track consumption in real time and create a history of users’ intake across a variety of metrics.


Why I’m curious?

Does anyone have the feeling that drinking coffee, juices or diet soda is not caloric at all?

We spend entire days swallowing different drinks without knowing exactly what they are composed of.  Now, users can check if they’re consuming too many calories, getting enough hydration, or keep tabs on their caffeine intake.

In addition to keeping an eye on what you eat, you will now also keep an eye on what you drink!!

The Soundhawk will enable users to hear only what they want to hear

Soundhawk uses existing wireless, smartphone and sensor technologies in their smart listening system to help wearers cancel out background noise and focus on what they want to listen to. The listening system consists of a wearable device called the Scoop, a wireless mic, a mobile app, and a charging case.

The Scoop is placed in the ear like a Bluetooth headset. The in-ear device has two microphone sensors that allow the device to adjust to the environment. It connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth 2.1 and can also be used like a normal wireless headset, allowing the wearer to make hands-free calls or access Siri or Google Now.


Why I’m curious 

This amazing new technology, that gives focused hearing and gives users the ability to press an OFF button for specific noises, might be the start of many more devices that could help deaf people.

At restaurant, cinema, in a date, meeting, … With Soundhawk it is now possible for anyone to enjoy one of this moment without being distracted by peripheral noise.


Insoles that can charge batteries by walking… it now exists!

Cellphones and electronics are more and more multipurpose and as everyone uses them 24/7, they run out of battery very quickly.

This is why a 15-year-old Philippines-based future engineer set out to find an alternate way of generating energy.

It is a small generator fixed in your sneakers insoles that produces energy while you are walking.


Why I’m curious

I am so exhausted about having no battery on my smartphone at 3pm just because I have used GPS for 10mns, listened to 5 songs and sent 3 pictures through snapchat… this is why I bought a rechargeable case but guess what? It cost me $100…unbelievable!

If I would have heard about charging my battery by walking, I would not have hesitated. Moreover, you can build it on your own, it is quite simple and cheap. And cheaper technology is so much easier to adopt.

Let’s go and think further… If a young 15 year-old lady found out how to produce energy by walking, let’s imagine shoes that you could buy cheaper than classic ones with hardware in it in order to help the state produce more energy. Let’s imagine this phenomenon becomes a fashion trend and that thousands of people contribute to this cause.