The Soundhawk will enable users to hear only what they want to hear

Soundhawk uses existing wireless, smartphone and sensor technologies in their smart listening system to help wearers cancel out background noise and focus on what they want to listen to. The listening system consists of a wearable device called the Scoop, a wireless mic, a mobile app, and a charging case.

The Scoop is placed in the ear like a Bluetooth headset. The in-ear device has two microphone sensors that allow the device to adjust to the environment. It connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth 2.1 and can also be used like a normal wireless headset, allowing the wearer to make hands-free calls or access Siri or Google Now.


Why I’m curious 

This amazing new technology, that gives focused hearing and gives users the ability to press an OFF button for specific noises, might be the start of many more devices that could help deaf people.

At restaurant, cinema, in a date, meeting, … With Soundhawk it is now possible for anyone to enjoy one of this moment without being distracted by peripheral noise.



One thought on “The Soundhawk will enable users to hear only what they want to hear

  1. This is a great idea. It’s nice to know that hearing loss came be made fashionable and affordable like eye wear. Hearing loss is something the general public doesn’t focus enough on. This definitely can help the hearing impaired for the young and old.

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