Curious Fridays is a forum created for and by people who are curious about digital trends: Weekly gatherings hosted by the digital strategy team at mcgarrybowen, where we come prepared to share that campaign, tool, feature, app, or game which sparked our curiosity during the week.

Curious Fridays is a forum, the plaza, and a café: A place to congregate and discuss, to uncover together the whys behind all the shared initiatives.

Because it’s a difficult challenge to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest platforms and the way people embrace them. But we don’t have a choice. If we aim to engage with people in meaningful ways, we have to understand what they do, why they do it, and where. We have to stay up-to-date on how they choose the platforms that enable them to connect, communicate, stay in touch, and share. And we have to be constantly updating which these platforms are.

Curious Fridays’ online hub,, is the warehouse where we store curiosities, and the tool we use to have these examples handy for easy consultation.

Share your thoughts.

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