Sustainable Glasses Made of Wood Sales Plant New Trees Worldwide

SEED eyewear is a new start-up, which follows the ‘One for One’ concept with their sunglass line.

For each pair sold, SEED will plant five new trees in forests around the world

According to SEED, it is estimated that 3-6 billion trees are destroyed each year for various reasons. While deforestation itself is a massive undertaking to combat, SEED has partnered with tree planting organizations worldwide to ensure that with every purchase, a new tree is properly planted.

They aim to support the places, which rely the most heavily on their forests for survival, beginning with Haiti, Ethiopia, and Madagascar.

The creators are a pair from Slovenia who combines their love of fashion and design with their global consciousness for the planet. An Indiegogo campaign is currently underway to raise funds for the line of eyewear made 100% from bamboo, making the glasses both lightweight and able to float in water.


 Why I am interested?

Glasses made of woods? And for each pair sold, a tree is planted? At first, I did not find this concept very logical and when I learned that Bamboo was one of the fastest growing plants in the world, durable and known as the renewable substitute to other types of wood, it made sense.

The coolest thing about this concept is to see that new fashion trends can have positive ramifications for the environment.


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