Take a Peek

We have experienced an explosion of photo and video sharing with the success of apps such as Instagram, and more recently Snapchat, the platform that lets users send 10-second messages that disappear after they’ve been viewed. PeekInToo, a new app from Greece, offers a real-time, virtual glimpse into an anonymous person’s life for just 12 seconds.

Taking “people-watching” to the next level, PeekInToo is a global social network that lets users be nosy for a short amount of time. Using a map to navigate, users select a location nearby — or on the other side of the world, if they wish — and pick another user who is accepting requests. The recipient receives a notification that someone wants to ‘Peek’ and they can accept or decline, before holding up their camera to let the other user see what they’re seeing in real time. The video exchange service can be used to simply satisfy a curiosity, but also to see what’s going on near them or in a specific location. If video from a location of interest isn’t currently available, users can also use the PeekShout function in order to request a feed. Viewers can also rate others’ video.

Why I’m Curious:

While most people hop on the social media trends and partake in sharing tidbits about their lives, many are also particular to who they share with and use privacy settings. Do you think there would be enough people that would be willing to share their lives with strangers?


Attack of the State Farm Chaos Robot (2013 Edition)

State Farm’s neighborhood-destroying alien robot is back, and is coming at you from your phone. Using the GPS in your smartphone, a new iAd from State Farm lets you create a custom video of the robot stomping around your current location.  The Chaos game uses Google Streetview images and puts you in the face of the robot with only the choice of insurance to protect you.

The 2011 iteration of this campaign saw great results, including:

In the first 10 weeks of the 2011 Chaos in Your Town effort, with a digital media spend around $700,000, the campaign:
• Garnered more than 900 blog mentions
• Saw more than one million user-generated films were created
• Resulted in more than 200 million user-generated impressions

In the following 20 months, without paid media, the campaign generated:
• More than 6 million user generated videos, bringing the total to about 7 million films
• More than 800 million user generated impressions

Why I’m Curious

With the ever-growing popularity of gaming and mobile devices, along with the success of the past campaign, it will be interesting to see the results of this campaign compared to the last.

Urban Outfitters Rewards Social Savvy Customers

Urban Outfitters, teenage hipster retailer heaven, is integrating marketing and social media with a new rewards system to revamp their Urban On app, thereby killing two birds with one stone. The social networking app allows users to upload photos of themselves in Urban merchandise and syncs with their social networks. Now, every time a user mentions the company on Twitter or Instagram, they are awarded points and these reward points provide exclusive perks such as advanced warning of sales, early access to merchandise as well as concert tickets.



The intention is for the app to provide the company data about its customers while also giving them something in return.

Why I’m Curious

I think this is a great win-win for both Urban Outfitters and the customers that shop there. The incentive aspect is a great way for UO to obtain the data they need, while giving shoppers what they want. I’m going to get the app now!

Gillette taps Oscar-winning director for NFL promotion

Gillette hired Director Michel Gondry for the company’s “Built for Training” program. Gondry was in charge of creating a promotional video that accurately depicted Gillette’s mission, “Training Tracks.” The music video stars Denver Broncos corner backs Champ Bailey and Kayvon Webster, Cincinnati Bengals running backs Gio Bernard and BenJarvus Green-Ellis and former Notre Dame offensive guard Mike Golic Jr. training in the gym. As they do pushups, hit the heavy bags and jump rope, the sounds of their movements gradually come together to form a rhythmic, beat-driven track, composed by Phil Mossman, formerly of LCD Soundsystem.

Why I’m Curious

This is an innovative way for Gillette to tap into the world of athletes and gear up for football season. The video appeals to both sports fans and followers of Michael Gondry and LCD Soundsystem’s Phil Mossman.

The Scarecrow

Chipotle has done it again – their newest effort, “The Scarecrow,” is another grand short-film statement from the restaurant chain about the world of industrial food production. The centerpiece is a free, arcade-style adventure game for the iPhone and iPad that reflects the video.



In the game, you’re challenged to “fly through the city of Plenty to transport confined animals to open pastures, fill fields with diverse crops at Scarecrow Farms, and serve wholesome food to the citizens at PlentyFull Plaza, all while avoiding menacing Crowbots.” And if you get at least three stars out of five in each of the game’s worlds, you get a coupon for free food at Chipotle.

Why I’m Curious

Chipotle is knocking on the door of the gaming world, using a short film and a well known musician (Fiona Apple). I think this is a creative partnership and gives Chipotle an advantageous edge in their market.

Fashion Designer Debuts Spring Line on Snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff shows her social side, giving the public a sneak peek of her new line for Fashion Week this year. For her New York Fashion Week show at Lincoln Center on Friday afternoon, Minkoff plans to debut photos of five to 10 looks on Snapchat a few minutes before they appear on the runway. In an instance such as this, individuals will have to request to connect with the designer one by one in order to view the new looks and is utilizing Twitter to spread the word.


Why I’m Curious

New York Fashion Week is a big deal in the fashion world, and using social media to intrigue a larger audience previous to a show seems to be a trend that is working quite well for multiple designers. Previously, Burberry gave a sneak peek into their Spring/Summer ’12 show via Twitter, and followed up the next year using GIFs.


Hungry entrepreneur? Domino’s has you covered!

Domino’s just launched it’s “Powered by Pizza” campaign, using the fact that a lot of entrepreneur endeavors are fueled by pizza. The brand is sending $500 gift cards to a handful of startups and partnering with fundraisers on Indiegogo to offer smaller gift cards as rewards to donors if and when selected projects reach their respective goals.

Why I’m Curious

I am curious since Domino’s is targeting the “tech” person, and rewarding engagement with Indiegogo with giftcards. Similar to Verizon’s various partnerships with the Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. show and NFL for example, it shows how brands are targeting very niche audiences with unique campaigns.

Fans Jump for D Rose Sneaks at Adidas Pop-Up Store

The London-based D Rose Jump Store gave fans a chance to jump with the Chicago Bulls point guard to get a pair of Derrick Rose signature Adidas sneakers. The idea was simple – fresh pairs of Rose’s sneakers put up at a height of 10 feet, with fans having to jump up and grab them to take home a pair. Using the hashtag #jumpwithdrose, fans were able to submit their own footage of their time with D Rose and track the conversation on Twitter, Vine and Instagram.


Why I’m Curious

I thought this was a great use of a pop-up shop to generate buzz around the Adidas and Darrick Rose sneaker collaboration. Not only did fans get to win a new pair of sneakers, they were able to interact with D Rose himself and share the experience on social media.


Heineken #Dropped Departure Roulette on JFK Travelers

As part of Heineken‘s global ‘Voyage’ campaign, the Departure Roulette experiment invited travelers in Terminal 8 at JFK Airport to change their scheduled destinations and board a plane to an unknown place.

Travelers aged 25 or older were given the opportunity to go to an adventurous location by simply pushing a button on a display in the terminal. However, they had to be willing to drop their existing travel plans and immediately board the plane to the unknown. The inspiration for Departure Roulette is ‘Dropped’, a series of episodic adventures that involves Heineken sending four men to remote destinations around the world and filming their experience and the challenges they face along the way.


Why I’m Curious

I thought this was an interesting way to take a TV spot and bring it to life in an unusual way. From the video it looks like quite a few people participated, which is interesting because it’s so hard to change flight plans and life plans. Would you drop everything to play Destination Roulette?

Smart cars: For your Offroading Adventures

As good off road as an off-roader in the city, BBDO Germany created a David and Goliath story about a Smart Fortwo that travels outside of the city for an offroading adventure. 


Why I’m Curious

This BBDO Germany Smart car commercial, which was aired at Cannes, gained much traction and took home two gold awards (for Film and Film Craft). I think this was a funny and creative way to highlight the Smart car’s strengths, and poke some fun at its weaknesses. 

MoMA and Foursquare Partner for a Scavenger Hunt

From June 17 – July 31st, the MoMA is urging New Yorkers to explore and educate themselves on the city’s best modern iconic architecture through a scavenger hunt tracked with Foursquare check-ins.


Inspired by the current Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light and Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Architecture exhibitions, the social media driven hunt takes you through 21 architectural sites throughout the city. Clues for the hunt are posted on MoMA‘s Facebook page and on Foursquare. Once you reach the site and check-in with Foursquare, you get a little informational blurb about the architecture of the site. Also, by checking in, you get $5 off a MoMA ticket.

(via PSFK)

Why I’m Curious

I think this is a great way for a museum to interact socially with their fan base. Using the power of social media, MoMA can track those interacting with check-ins, and reward those who participate with $5 off of their fee.

Kate Spade and eBay Partner for an Interactive Shopping Experience

Kate Spade Saturday’s and eBay have joined forces and turned to tech, creating an interactive shopping experience for consumers. They have launched four 24-hour Window Shops in Manhattan. Each interactive storefront allows shoppers to select and order  merchandise from Kate Spade Saturday, Kate Spade’s new weekender line, on a touchscreen, schedule a free one-hour delivery to anywhere in the city, and pay with PayPal Here upon delivery. This partnership brings the best of online shopping into the physical world, and rolls mobile technology, same-day delivery, and seamless digital payments into one end-to-end customer experience.



Why I’m Curious

I think this is a very interesting way to replace a brick-and-mortar shopping trip with an interactive experience. I’m curious to know if this will be successful – if you are already making the trip to go shopping and try new clothes on, what are the benefits to this interactive store front?

Say ‘I love you’ with bacon this Father’s Day

Just in time for Father’s Day, Oscar Mayer has launched “Say It With Bacon”. This campaign is a homage to jewelry commercials, and even references to the four ‘c’s’. In this case, the four c’s stand for cut, color, cure and consistency of breakfast meat.

The microsite includes four different options to choose from for your father, including The Commander, The Matador, The Woodsman and The Messenger. The FAQ section assures you that yes, this is for real and even includes a link for tracing your bacon gift.


Why I’m Curious

It seems like a growing trend for Mother’s/Father’s day is to create microsites with a funny twist (Momtract). I thought this was an interesting way to relate bacon to Father’s Day and create a great buzz for Oscar Mayer.

Low battery at the beach? No worries, Nivea has you covered.

Giovanni + Draftfcb in São Paulo, Brazil, developed an ad for Nivea which includes a wafer-thin solar panel and phone plug, to promote the Nivea Sun line of skincare products. It ran in Brazilian magazine Veja Rio, promoting the brands sunscreen line. Users of the ad could charge their phone as it dwindled away while they were at the beach and miles away from an outlet.

Why I’m Curious

This is an interesting way to link sunscreen to a common problem that many face while at the beach – their battery depleting. It is an interesting twist to traditional print advertising – will we see a shift to enhance traditional advertising?

Diet Coke’s Vending Machine Goes On a Diet

Ogilvy Paris and Diet Coke team up to find a new and unexpected way to advertise the “fit and elegant” beverage. So they built the ‘Slender Vender’: a skinny vending machine that allows bottles of the soda with no sugar or calories to be slipped into new kinds of locations. The company claims that Diet Coke fits beautifully into one’s lifestyle, and so does this Slender Vender. The thinnest vending machine in the world fits where others can’t and is seen in the video showing up in unexpected places.

Why Am I Curious?

With all of the controversy around weight – is this a knock at women by placing a diet soda vending machine, “thinnest vending machine in the world”, in uncommon places (hair salon, gym)? I wonder if Coke went too far with the ‘Slender Vendor’ and if it will generate positive or negative feedback.

Twitter Launches Twitter #music


Twitter #music is a free app that uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists. The app also has a ‘Suggested’ page, which allows users to search for music from their favorite artists. The intention is to use this as a music discovery source instead of a platform just to stream music on.

As of today, the app is available for iOS and will be released in a Web version, no word on an Android version.

Article via Mashable

Why I’m Curious

It seems as if we are flooded with music sharing and discovery platforms already (Pandora, Spotify, Rdio…), what makes this different from the others? Will it be successful?

Kit Kat Uses Last 50 White-Chocolate Bars to Make Posters

In honor of its limited-edition white-chocolate bars, Kit Kat gathered the last 50 and asked illustrator Mike Watt to create 50 original illustrations from them. After crushing and melting the bars, he created 50 posters for Kit Kat to remember their white-chocolate masterpiece by.

kit-kat-breaks-melts-paints-candy-bars-lovely-posters-148517 Kit%20Kat%201 Kit%20Kat%204 Kit%20Kat%202%20copy


Why I’m Curious

I thought this was a cool concept to bring attention to the last of the limited edition candy bars. However, what are they going to do with the posters? They showcased all fifty on Facebook, and out of their 15m fans, only 100 ‘liked’ the gallery. I feel like Kit Kat could have done more to get their fans involved.