Smart Garments: Levi’s & Google Partner to Create Smart Jeans

Google has created a conductive thread that can be embedded into textiles on the loom, essentially turning a fabric into a touch screen. This new thread can be included in any existing loom or machine, allowing the garment with the thread to be created for mass-creation. The only other component needed is a small Bluetooth controller that can be hidden in a pocket. The fabric can then be paired with other gadgets through the Bluetooth capability.

Since this conductive thread can be used by any existing loom or machine, it makes mass-production seem possible in the near future (as opposed to a project like Google Glass which was only available to a small population).

Levi’s is expected to release a pair of “smart jeans” in early 2016. “So imagine a pair of jeans where you can invisibly control media playback on your smartphone, silence an incoming call, adjust your home’s smart lights, send simple messages to friends, and more. All without pulling out your phone, just by tapping and swiping on the fabric.”