“Exhilaration” By Emile Sandé Feat. Jaguar

Recently, a wave of musical artists and brands have made prominent appearances. Two months ago it was in the form of Shakira’s “La La La”, sponsored by Activia. Now it’s Scottish singer Emile Sandé, banding together with Jaguar as part of their new campaign.

Sandé’s aim in this partnership is to both crowdsource a new song by using “photos, words or sounds” to describe feeling exhilarated, using #FeelXE on social media – the same hashtag for the Jaguar XE Sports Sedan. This new song will be dedicated to the sedan and will be unveiled during an “audio-visual” spectacle to mark the launch.

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Why I’m Curious:

With the rise of content-based marketing, and on the heels of the success from the Activia sponsored Shakira spot (becoming the most shared ad, surpassing Volkswagen’s “The Force”), this new collaboration between Emile Sandé and Jaguar brings high attention to this type of strategy. In addition to linking to a celebrity, this also allows Jaguar to jump through some of the licensing hoops for ads. Although the cost of this effort is unknown, it appears to be both an efficient and effective way to blend brands into content, aside from the norm.


Call Someone You Love

Matt Adams created a touching campaign to take a break from our busy lives and call someone you love.  There are over 10,000 working pay phones in NYC alone, and this short video reminds us that a quick phone call can make your day. He placed a sign over the phone, taped quarters on the top, a placed a hidden microphone on the receiver and a recorded video as people made calls with the antiquated technology.  The response was amazing and many people stopped to make a call.

Why I’m Curious

This simple act created a shared experience for random New Yorkers.  While technology is certainly improving our lives, sometimes it’s nice to take a break. We stare at screens all day and this video is a nice reminder that it’s the people in your life that matter the most.  Also, the phone used in the video is powered by Verizon.



Make Pizza, Make Money

In Domino’s Australia latest campaign, Pizza Mogul, customers can design pizza and upload their creations onto the companies online menu.  Each “mogul”, or pizza creator, must then determine the best way to market their product.  The more pizza they sell, the more money they make– typically between 25 cents and $4.25.  Any percentage of these earnings can be donated to charity.  Moguls sign up on pizzamogul.com.au and are encouraged to share their creations on their own social networks.  It’s a very straightforward process that involves three steps: create your pizza, post it on the menu, and market it.

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Why I am Curious:

Domino’s latest campaign shows the power of creating content as a brand and the appeal of crowdsourcing.  Leveraging that, they have positioned themselves to boost their digital and social presence.  Domino’s Australian chief executive, Don Meij, hopes that 30,000 people will sign up in the next six months.  We’re excited to see if this campaign will get the attention they expect…especially since they’re spending $5 million.  Regardless, they’ve created a winning formula by combing two things people love– pizza and making money.

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