Insoles that can charge batteries by walking… it now exists!

Cellphones and electronics are more and more multipurpose and as everyone uses them 24/7, they run out of battery very quickly.

This is why a 15-year-old Philippines-based future engineer set out to find an alternate way of generating energy.

It is a small generator fixed in your sneakers insoles that produces energy while you are walking.


Why I’m curious

I am so exhausted about having no battery on my smartphone at 3pm just because I have used GPS for 10mns, listened to 5 songs and sent 3 pictures through snapchat… this is why I bought a rechargeable case but guess what? It cost me $100…unbelievable!

If I would have heard about charging my battery by walking, I would not have hesitated. Moreover, you can build it on your own, it is quite simple and cheap. And cheaper technology is so much easier to adopt.

Let’s go and think further… If a young 15 year-old lady found out how to produce energy by walking, let’s imagine shoes that you could buy cheaper than classic ones with hardware in it in order to help the state produce more energy. Let’s imagine this phenomenon becomes a fashion trend and that thousands of people contribute to this cause.


Share your thoughts.

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