A Full House Renunion

Full House, the early 90s TV show, has a space in many a twenty-something year olds’ hearts. The Dannon-owned Greek yogurt brand, Oikos, is tapping into this during this year’s Super Bowl.

The brand has rolled out a microsite, OikosBromance, in advance of the big game. The site features a variety of short videos featuring the three lead men from Full House – Stamos, Saget, and Coulier (Uncle Joey) with the campaign wrapper “Fuel Your Pleasure.”

Main teaser spot:

Why I am Curious:

While Full House definitely still has a nostalgic factor (and John Stamos is still quite popular), I wonder how this reunion will actually help sell yogurt.  In some senses, the fact that Stamos is of Greek heritage actually may offend some people, perhaps playing into a stereotype   I do like the idea of focusing the campaign around a group of male friends as I think this will help break the perception that Greek yogurt is for women.

Here’s to seeing if this bromance reunion goes viral!


More Give, Less Take

The latest ad from National Australia Bank features a variety of references to pop-culture. The “More Give, Less Take” spot takes moments from sports and entertainment to highlight wins (more) and loses (less).

Why I’m Curious:

This spot is definitely catchy. How it drives home the bank’s message though I’m not exactly sure. In fact, if you really think about it, why would a bank spend so much money on licensing all those clips when they are driving home a value proposition?

Now Boarding: Disney and KLM Surprise and Delight Children

To celebrate their partnership, Disney and the Dutch airline, KLM joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind experience geared toward children.  The event focused around the Disney animated movie, Planes.

Initially, the program involved having kids submit their artwork to be animatied children’s artwork, but quickly it turned into more. Children were invited to go on board (while the plane stayed in place), watch the movie on screen, and with some super-cool special effects, experience exactly what was happening to the movie’s main characters.

Right this way for a video:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 5.33.39 PM

Why I’m Curious:

This is the perfect partnership and pairing of a brand.  These children and their families will remember this (as will their friends and family) and forever have a positive association with both brands.  Experiential marketing is not always cost-effective and does not have scale/reach so is sometimes ignored.  This, however, has legs well beyond just the children that got to go on board.

Music to Your Inbox!

In an effort to increase increase conversation rates, popular music may soon be making it’s way into your inbox via email marketing campaigns.

DMI Music and Media recently announced a program called Engine 1 that pair majors brands with popular music artists.  The first partner brand is the nutritional supplement maker, Mead Johnson which is testing the program with music from a variety of artists including Bruno Mars. The program aims to leverage music’s emotional impact on people and create brand loyalty.


Here’s a bit on how it works from AdWeek:  

The songs play when recipients click a button within the message. In a preliminary campaign, 75 percent of openers listened to the music, and 43 percent of those that did came back and listened to the music two or more times.

Why I’m Curious:

While this is an interesting idea, I am curious to see how it actually plays out.  Email marketing is very much dependent on getting someone to open the email in the first place. Unless the subject line of the email states that there is music I wonder if anyone will notice (given that they may just delete the email).  Also, given that music rights are so pricey to obtain, I wonder what the ROI will really be when all is said and done.

MTV Allows Fans to Unlock Miley

This past week MTV aired Miley: The Movement, a documentary on Miley Cyrus.  Following the premiere, the network encouraged fans to tweet using the hashtag #Unlock Miley.  When fans tweeted enough with the hashtag, two exclusive videos would be unlocked.


From Mashable:

If her rabid fans — dubbed “Smilers” — post enough Twitter messages with the hashtag #UnlockMiley, they will unlock two videos that can be viewed only on MTV’s iOS app. MTV launched the #UnlockMiley challenge immediately after the documentary aired. The bonus footage (one involves her conversation with Britney Spears) will eventually also appear in the 90-minute deluxe edition of Miley: The Movement, which will air on Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET.

Why I’m Curious:

MTV drove increased interest in their documentary by creating a post- “event” experience. Providing fans with additional content (and a site that tracks their collective progress) continues the conversation in the social space post the premiere date.  MTV also positions themselves as fan advocates, giving Miley’s fans what they want – more Miley. I’m curious to see how this resonates with her fans and if it translates into increased awareness/TV ratings.