Kanye vs. Creative Director

A new website, Kanye vs. Creative Director, created by Concept Farm challenges visitors to flip through a series of quotes while attempting to guess whether it was said by Kanye West or a creative director.

From PSFK,

[It’s] A fun and lighthearted way to comment on the arrogance and pomposity that can sometimes be found in the industry, see if you can correctly guess who said “I’m too busy writing history to read it,” or “I don’t have to explain anything to you!”

The site also allows you to submit your own outlandish quotes you’ve heard from West and creative directors alike. You can check the site out here.


Why I’m Curious

I’m always interested in quirky things agencies put out themselves that reflect the industry in a fun way. This clearly wasn’t benefiting any of their clients, but after the multiple write ups and guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!,it’s a great way for the agency to promote itself within the industry


Will Squat for Rides

A vending machine that offers free rides to passenger was installed in a subway station in Vystavochaya, Russia this week. But nothing is truly free – so passengers have to perform 30 squats within 2 minutes to get their ticket.

From Digital Trends,

Of course, for those keen to avoid turning up at work stinking of sweat, cash payments (30 rubles/$0.93 for a single journey) continue to be accepted.

The special machine is part of a wider campaign being run by Russia’s Olympic Committee to promote next year’s Winter Games in Sochi and to encourage people to “add elements of sport into daily life.”


Why I’m Curious

I’m a huge follower of the Summer and Winter Olympics and I’m always really interested on how the locations prepare and create hype over the events. Then adding something digital made me even more excited. I thought it was a great way to not only create a scene at a subway station, but also a unique way to get people talking about the Olympics in a positive way.

A Faboolous Oreo Post

Oreo celebrated Halloween on Twitter and Vine by remaking scenes from classic horror films. Using Oreos, milk and minisets, the ads are way more adorable than scary, but faboolous nonetheless!

From PSFK,

Remember the blood elevator scene in “The Shining”? Well, Oreo replaced the gory blood with a river of milk, flooding down the hall.  Ad agency 360i developed the series of ads for the cookie company. With the Oreo cookie as the star of the show, the Vines have been uploaded onto Twitter.

Why I’m Curious

It doesn’t matter if you’re in beauty, toys or financial services – there’s a good chance a client has brought up that they want social content to be like Oreo. I think Oreo is one of the only brands that simple posts receive publicity, rather than videos or larger campaigns. While all their social executions do excite me and I’m always eager to see what they put out, I think the flexibility of the product to be connected to culture is what makes them a constant social media win.

Show Me Your Artwork

Diesel launched a new campaign, “Show Me Your Artwork,” on Tumblr to find hidden artistic talent around the world. The campaign name pretty much sums it up, as Diesel selected 1,000 submissions from artists to put on display at a Paris department store.

From PSFK,

“Show Me Your Artwork” project is a gigantic public display of digital art. The 1,000 chosen submissions were plastered on the external walls and windows of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and will be on display till October 24. Transforming the iconic department store into an art exhibition, the Diesel project exposes thus far unknown digital artists in a public setting where people will inevitably take notice. The unusual setting of the digital art gallery serves as a great breeding ground for dialogue.


Why I’m Curious

The fashion industry as a whole is very and never afraid to tap into different social networks or technology. From Burberry’s RFID stores to Stella McCartney’s snapchat fashion show and J.Crew debuting their catalogue on Pinterest, it seems every week there’s something that keeps us curious about the fashion industry – whether big or small.

Pinterest Launches Ads

In September Pinterest announced its plans to launch Promoted Pins. The ads launched with select businesses on Wednesday. While the ads very similar to Facebook Sponsored Stories and Twitter Sponsored Tweets, they’re fairly relevant, as they show up in appropriate searches.

From Mashable,

Promoted Pins blend in rather seamlessly with the rest of the (non-paid) pins on a page. Some users will no doubt appreciate their unobtrusiveness. At the same time, the lack of a colored box, prominent “sponsored” tag or any other marker typically used to differentiate paid content from organic content makes it difficult to distinguish Promoted Pins from normal ones.


Why I’m Curious

I don’t think anyone was surprised when Pinterest announced plans to launch ads. After all, how else is a social platform supposed to rake it in? However, I think given the nature of Pinterest they’re way more organic and integrated than Facebook, and even Twitter. I’m interested in seeing how companies utilize this, particularly the beauty and fashion industries.

Brush Your Teeth in Six Seconds

If you’re tired of dedicating 3 minutes of your day every time you brush your teeth, now you can do it in the same length it takes to watch a Vine. Blizzident is a new 3D-printed toothbrush that polishes your pearly whites in record time.

From Mashable,

Blizzident, a new 3D-printed toothbrush, looks like a mouthguard lined with 600 bristles. You bite down into the 3D replication of your mouth and grind your teeth on the bristles, which cleans all of your teeth simultaneously.

The process of ordering one of these custom-fit brushes begins in your dentist’s office. Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends it to Blizzident — and the team gets to work. Printing and manufacturing takes about 12 weeks, Martin said. The brushes are 3D-printed on high-precision machines. Whereas other 3D printers produce objects with rough surfaces, Blizzident’s machines print totally smooth objects.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 5.34.53 PM

Why I’m Curious

It seems every week or so we share an example about 3D printing and it really varies between entertainment, material goods (shoes) to practical (ears and toothbrushes). Despite the high price tag, I could definitely see something like this taking off. Toothbrushes haven’t evolved much in the past, and I think teeth is a vanity people invest in most.

Crowdsourced App Helps You Find A Quiet Place

Cities can be noisy, overwhelming and overstimulating – for all of our senses. A new mobile app, Stereopublic, tries to alleviate this stress, and allows users to find, document and share their favorite “noiseless” places in cities.

From PSFK,

Created by Australian composer and sound artist Jason Sweeney along with sound experts Emma Quayle and Julian Treasure, the app is currently available in eighteen cities around the world, with twelve more to be released soon. Geo-location facilitates the process of documentation: ‘earwitnesses’ (as Stereopublic dubs its participants) simply indicate the exact location on the map interface on their mobile device and tag it along with a 30 second recording and image so that others can find the same place. The spot can be tagged with a different color depending on the user’s mood, and an original composition to accompany the quiet space can be requested as well. Participants can also share locations through the website. With the mobile app, users can then ‘tour’ their cities in a new way, discovering havens of tranquility.

Why I’m Curious

As I hear sirens, phones ringing, chewing and over four different conversations from my desk as I type, it sounds like a great idea! However, it seems when you need quiet time you instinctively head home, rather than check your phone for a potential new quiet place around you. I was also curious about the number of users. Is it possible that the more successful the app becomes the less useful it becomes?

Coca-Cola Integrates Live Tweets into TV Ad

Busy schedules, smartphones and on-demand entertainment has gotten in the way on family bonding time, especially at dinner. In Romania, 60% of people do not eat meals together, instead they eat dinner alone in front of the TV. Coca-Cola wanted to change this, and enlisted the help of MRM Worldwide to integrate live tweets into a TV spot.

From PSFK,

At the bottom of the ad, there was a text bar that hosted tweets from fans featuring the hashtag #LetsEatTogether.  MRM live-edited the tweets as they flowed in and chose up to seven tweets to show each time the ad was played. Most of the tweets were addressed to specific people, with friends inviting friends to have a meal together and enjoy each other’s company.

As a result, Coke’s Twitter base in Romania increased 15% and the ad garnered over 1 million social media impressions. Placing live Twitter mentions into a pre-recorded ad presents an incredibly innovative way to combine traditional advertising formats with today’s social media, and proves that you can really invite someone over for a meal through your TV.

Why I’m Curious

While we see tweets show up during the broadcast of live TV shows, This ad not only made people look forward to commercials, but also interact with an ad, and of course, it can’t hurt that it resulted in increased sales. I do wonder how successful this would be in the U.S. when so many people do DVR shows and skip commercials as well as those who opt for services like Netflix rather than have cable.

LG Can’t Stop Pranking Job Applicants

LG is back at it, this time pranking intern applicants. LG clearly really believes in the quality of their Ultra HD TV, so they turned it into a faux window and scared the bejesus out of people.

From Business Insider,

The commercial, which surfaced Monday on YouTube, shows the LG team rigging up the TVs to look like windows. Then, they sat job applicants across from the televisions under the premise that they were being interviewed for a position with the company.

When the tranquil cityscape displayed on the televisions erupts into a series of explosions, hidden cameras capture the applicants’ outrageous reactions.

Why I’m Curious

I had very mixed emotions when watching this video, from heart racing for the applicants to cracking up at their reactions. It seemed ridiculous, however I think it’s a great way to show the product, the personality of the brand and the culture of the office. I do wonder if that boy is still working at LG though…

Turning Food Porn into Philanthropy

Don’t feel bad about snapping photos of your food in restaurants. Thanks to Mario Batalie and The Lunchbox Fund now you can give back when you whip out your phone at dinner.

From Mashable,

Each time you take a picture of your food at a participating restaurant using Feedie, the restaurant makes an instant donation equivalent to one meal to The Lunchbox Fund. The non-profit provides daily meals for at-risk South African schoolchildren, many of whom have been orphaned because of HIV/AIDS.

When you open Feedie, you can locate nearby restaurants using the app. So far, those restaurants are just in New York, but include some of the city’s most esteemed eateries, such as La Esquina, Whitehall, Del Posto, The Lamb’s Club and The Spotted Pig.


Why I’m Curious

I think this is a really cool app, and a great way for restaurants to not only promote themselves and their food, but also just good PR for giving back. However, there are so many apps that are dedicated to snapping photos of delicious meals, Foodspotting in particular. I’m curious why Mario Batali and team wouldn’t just join forces with an app that has an existing following, and maybe be able to partner with more restaurants and ultimately donate more money.

Go on an Italian Vacation with SanPellegrino

With the help of Ogilvy NY and Deeplocal, SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages launched its latest campaign called Three Minutes in Italy. The Facebook app allows users decide between two live experiences and take a tour of Taormina in Sicily through the eyes of a robot.

From PSFK,

The first is through a ground-based robot that the users can control for three minutes. They can drive the robot around and even interface with passers-by through a two-way audio and video connection. The robot has built-in language translation capability to help the ‘virtual tourists’ talk with the village locals. The face of the robot will display the Facebook user’s profile picture. The second live experience is through a Skybot, which can show the Facebook users stunning views of Sicily from high above.



Why I’m Curious

When I initially came across this my eye automatically went to the robot and I couldn’t help but think that a better looking robot could be made. I was also curious if utilizing a Facebook app is the best platform for something like this, until I fully read the description. I think the coolest part of this campaign is that it’s not visual, but also allows for two-way audio using a Facebook profile picture. I’m curious to see how the results, and how many people in Sicily are willing to interact with a robot (and if they speak English!).

BMW Creates Fake Holiday to Promote Car

BMW turned to China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo to create a holiday called Ctrl-Z day. With the help of influential bloggers, over 300,000 other people told the world what they would “undo” in their lives if there was a Ctrl-Z function in life using #CtrlZDay

From PSFK,

Ctrl-Z Day became viral when Key Opinion Leaders on Weibo started tweeting and promoting the fake holiday. Weibo users believed that the second Friday of July was a ‘worldwide day of regret.’ BMW set the record straight a few days later with a post. The company’s post stated that they wanted people to drive their Z4 without regrets.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.57.16 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.49.33 AM

Why I’m Curious

I thought this was a creative way for BMW to using the language of the technology the contributors are using. There’s a natural fit with Ctrl-Z and regrets, which I don’t’t hink has been used before. However, I think it’s a very familiar idea to the Land Rover ESC key takeover, although different executions.

Instagram Video Scavenger Hunt

Fox Home Entertainment launched the first Instagram Video scavenger hunt during this year’s Comic-Con. The company’s Twitter will offer clues to eight Fox show-themed locations and objects. Users must capture themselves at all the locations in one video and share with the hashtag #wherethefox.

From Mashable,

“With the rise in popularity of social video, we saw this as the right time to try something new,” said Mary Daily, chief marketing officer at Fox Home Entertainment. Daily points out that Comic-Con offers some of the world’s most socially engaged fans.

The prize: tickets to the FX/Maxim bash, one of the most sought-after parties at Comic-Con (after the Mashable Supermemes party, of course).


Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.34.31 PM

Why I’m Curious

Instagram scavenger hunts were huge, but now it’s not the most exciting way to utilize UGC. It’s interesting to see that using the exact same idea, on the exact same platform, with a new feature is now a newsworthy and innovative idea. Granted, it is Comic-Con and attendees can we access to a great party, so I’m curious to see the results and how many videos are uploaded.

Heineken Dares Travelers To Play Departure Roulette

-Olga Boyko

Weiden+Kennedy set up a board at JFK Terminal 8 that dares travelers to drop their existing travel plans and play a little game of “Departure Roulette.” The new location is always a surprise and promises to be more exotic than the traveller’s previous plans. Once the location is revealed, the traveller must board the plane immediately. A man who was originally planning on a trip to Vienna, ended up boarding a plane to Cypress instead with $2000 from Heineken to cover expenses.
The game is in reference to Heineken’s new “Dropped” campaign. 4 men are dropped at remote locations and are given cameras to film their adventures.
(via AdWeek)


Why I’m Curious
This type of stunt is really interesting to me not just because it piques my own sense of adventure, but because it’s a great way to appeal to thrill seekers and “citizens of the world.” Heineken – as well as Dos Equis – brands itself as the beer choice for the adventurous man and so “Departure Roulette” dares the average person to live in the moment and say yes to the experience.

Introducing HotMalm.com

The always-clever IKEA is at it again. With help of agency Droga5, a “racy” website was launched that shows Ikea’s best-selling MALM bed frame in various compromising positions.

From PSFK,

HotMalm.com is patterned after a typical porn site and features photos with titillating captions like ‘Hot Malm’s Bottom Stuffed,’ ‘Hot Malm From Behind,’ and ‘Big Beautiful Malm Strips Outside.’ The website also organizes Malms in categories such as ‘Big Beautiful Malms,’ ‘Mature Malms,’ and ‘Twin Malms.’ There is also a page where visitors can view a live feed of hot malms.

Although the captions and even the background music are very suggestive, the entire site claims to be safe for work.




Why I’m Curious

Ikea always has great digital ideas and most serve a purpose for customers. However, even if the main goal of this website is hilarity, it’s succeeding. Some brands try to be risqué and funny, but sometimes at the risk of their objective. I’m curious where the line actually lies or if it’s always going to be a test and learn approach.

Turn your Desk into a Coffee Shop

Introducing Coffitivity, a website that mimics the sounds of a coffee shop, which recent research suggests is just enough to stimulate creativity.

From PSFK,

The website aims to bring the sound of the coffee shop to you, whether that’s at home or in your office. By doing so, you’ll be able to be at your most creative regardless of where you are – no need to drag your laptop down to the local coffee shop everyday of the week at least.

The website is best used for creative tasks that require an element of thinking outside the box. If you’re aim is to focus on something more taxing such as proofreading a paper, or actually doing your taxes – then quieter surroundings are the best way to go.


Why I’m Curious

I listen to music frequently throughout the day, usually soft enough to hear other’s voices, but loud enough to not be able to follow a conversation, so I was curious to give this a shot. It definitely sounds like a coffee shop, but I also think something about not being at a desk sparks creativity as well.

SoulCycle for Homeless People

CitiBike has been in New York for almost a month, and we’ve covered everything from the website to the app and even bike accessory vending machines. Every now and then passing by CitiBike stations I see people using them as stationary bikes. Why not take it a step further with free SoulCycle classes?

From Gothamist,

TV personality and wrapper “The Fat Jew” has decided to do just that. He was seen near Thompson Square Park teaching a class that “is too expensive and it’s not available to everybody.”

Not only is the video hilarious, but celebrities and SoulCycle were quick to join in on the fun.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.29.00 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.29.22 PM

Why I’m Curious 

It’s always interesting and fascinating to watch something go viral. While this video is really only relevant to New York residents (and maybe LA who also has SoulCycle) it caught on instantly because if you like indoor cycling, there’s a good chance at least a few of your friends do, so why wouldn’t you send it to them? I was waiting to see if SoulCycle was going to address then, and understood if they wanted to steer clear of admitting to their high prices and poke fun at the homeless, but they did nod to the video without promoting it.

Interactive Pajamas Tell Bedtime Stories

A new pajama, appropriately named Smart PJ’s, can read bedtime stories for $25. The pajamas are designed with a series of scannable dots that interact with smart devices. Once the dots are chosen and scanned, children and their parents can read a story from that device.

From PSFK,

Smart PJ’s are designed with a wide array of scannable patterns, which allows for the pattern on the sleeve to read a different story than the pattern on the stomach.

In addition to reading the story, the Smart PJ’s stories are designed to display the words and information on the screen as well. This allows children to turn down the volume and work on their reading skills, or share a traditional story in a non-traditional way with their parents.

Why I’m Curious

We’ve shared a lot of clothing innovation that provides concrete utility to the users, from shirts that help you stop sweating to sportswear that track your performance, but I most of the clothing did not provide entertainment for users. There can be an opportunity for growth beyond bedtime, perhaps when traveling. Also I think it would be interesting if the stories changed based on the size to appeal to a larger audience.

First Vine World Record

Mashable used their love of Vine for a good cause this week. The site teamed up with (RED) to raise awareness for the fight against AIDS and share participation on social media.

From Mashable,

You can help set the first ever Vine world record by creating a Vine right now! Mashable is teaming up with (RED) to set the record for most Vine videos sent for a single cause and drive awareness to the fight against AIDS.

Being a part of the Vine world record is simple. All you need to do is create a Vine video and share it with the hashtag #REDworldrecord.

Why I’m Curious

Vine hit the hallways of mb this week, and it didn’t stop there. As I continued to watch #mcb24 Vines on Twitter, my addiction grew and was curious if there are any other stunt campaigns happening. I thought this was a very simple execution and unique awareness play. It really allowed participants to decide their level of creativity, but still get the warm and fuzzies from participating in a greater cause.

Jell-O redefines #FML

The famous Twitter hashtag #FML has always had a very clear, to-the-point and profane meaning. The hashtag is always constantly used, with over 114,541 #FML-tagged tweets in the last 14 days. Jell-O, in partnership with their agency CP+B, have decided to hijack the hashtag and make it stand for “Fun My Life.”

From AdWeek,

Between now and June 14, everyone who tweets the #FML hashtag is entered into a pool, from which a certain number will win “Fun My Life” prize packs “specially created to get their life back on track.” You can follow along at jelloFML.com, which also shows how the brand is tweeting at #FML-ers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 3.51.54 PM

Why I’m Curious

This isn’t the first time Jell-O has turned to existing user tweets to create a campaign. A few years ago they launched Pudding Face http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/krafts-jell-o-pudding-turning-frowns-upside-down-twitter-133548 that attempted to turn tweeted frowns upside down with a pudding coupon. The idea isn’t new, but it does seem to be working. I’m curious to see if the campaign will continue to get buzz, and if the prize packs they’re shipping to tweeters is even worth it. Perhaps they should’ve kept the entire campaign online and provided fans with digital coupons.