Text Stefan: Return of SMS (instead of mobile app)

A friend recently recommended texting “Stefan.” (http://stefanshead.com/) Who is Stefan? You can text him too: 646-759-0904

After texting Stefan, you occasionally receive a text about certain items from an exclusive line of streetwear that can only be purchased by responding to the text message. Through texting, the service drives a very personal connection to the consumer. Moreover, this discovery process pushes the product to the consumer in a much different fashion than most online purchases are found.

Digging a bit further into this trend, I found a bunch of other similar services. My favorite was a service called Cloe (available in NY and SF). Instead of an app, one just has to text Cloe, who responds with a personal SMS like a personal assistant.

Why I’m Curious: I’m intrigued to see how this behavior may become more common. In terms of UX, it’s easier to send a quick text and get a direct response rather than spending time scrolling through the internet or even through an app. Plus to start, it is also la ow barrier (no download!). Though it seems outdated, SMS service apps may be the future…

Related Link: Fast Company


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