GEICO Creates “Unskippable” Ads

YouTube allows users to skip after watching the first 5 seconds of a video. GEICO focused on the core message of “savings” which was the only message that was conveyed within that short time span. Therefore, even if the user skipped the preroll, he or she still was the most important message.

However, the videos continued on and ranged from 30 seconds to over a minute. Most users were curious to know what would happen after the ad “was over.” After the user is told they are unable to skip “because it’s already over,”  the user is curious to see what will happen in the video. The various spots show the actors “frozen in time”, as time continues on; the spots show the people slightly moving or hanging from strings as they are “frozen,” just being funny and silly rather than stressing a brand message.

Why I’m Curious: GEICO was able to create a “new” type of ad that was specifically formatted to the various restrictions and within their viewing environment (which was YT here). While this may not be a best practice, it was certainly a first and therefore gained attention for the brand (which often happens). However, the larger question remains. Are regular consumers noticing this? Or is this just something new and shiny for those within the advertising industry?


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