Brands Steal Spotlight From One Another: Doritos

Doritos has asked consumers to create their own ads since 2006, guaranteeing at least consumer ad to be featured during the Super Bowl.  The spots typically generate views, as well as healthy debate about which user generated spot is the best.

Thus far this year, two other brands have also joined the Doritos party. Newcastle recently created a spot that poked fun at Doritos, by blatantly showcasing Newcastle beer throughout the commercial. SumOfUs created a fantastic spot, which ends with a major twist, highlighting PepsiCo’s role in deforestation (thereby initiating negative conversation around Doritos ). The ad had a lighter and fun story-line and took such a drastic turn at the end:

Why I’m Curious: In the past, brands attempted to be disruptive in larger conversations (that were really consumer driven). Brands are continuing to be disruptive, but instead of playing off of consumer conversation, they are are inserting themselves into other brand-initiated conversations. Since brands can predict and therefore plan for other brands’ campaigns (especially ones like Doritos’ Super Bowl campaign that have become institutional), it allows for more creativity and time. It will be interesting to see how far this can go and to what point, people will find this entertaining.


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