Pantene’s Integration W/ Your iPhone Keyboard

First off, this was the first time that I’ve heard of BrightKey (, which I love because it’s such a simple app but provides users with some control and customization over their phone (which is constantly being used).

Pantene partnered with BrightKey to release a custom iPhone keyboard, focusing on the color aspect of the mobile app and leveraging 11 of Pantone’s swatches.

Why I’m Curious: The author of the article showed dismay at the integration; he envisioned further integration of Pantone’s capabilities such as providing endless colors (opposed to only 11), allowing consumers to communicate by sending “swatches of color” to specify certain colors, or perhaps even changing their font to a certain color.

However, I found the integration to be interesting since it makes the brand Pantone synonymous with color to the average consumer, thereby keeping the brand top of mind for a consumer (when potentially thinking about new color options for their home). This is an app that is useful and something that spreads awareness and brings Pantone top of mind to a wider audience (as opposed to an interior design focused audience), and touches the average homeowner/renter.


Share your thoughts.

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