IKEA Brings You To The Future

IKEA recently created a campaign around bringing people into the future. The video showcases a hypnotist asking random shoppers if they want to be hypnotized. After a couple agrees, he takes them through different stages of their lives together (with their daughter at 6, 18, and older), and puts them in different set-up scenes at IKEA. It’s a great way to showcase how IKEA can be the resource to decorating your home, and a clever way to showcase certain set-ups (like the kitchen, bedroom, etc) with the focus being on the entertainment.

Why I’m Curious: I’m delighted by this because I find the video truly entertaining, and it simultaneously reminds me of how IKEA’s stores have great set-ups for different settings (bedroom, kitchen, etc) to truly feel make the consumer feel as though he/she is at home. It also makes me think of IKEA as a resource for my “home” instead of just a place to get bookcases and chairs.


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