Connecting the Digital & Offline in Shopping

MVSE brings together both the benefits of online shopping to the store. As someone who has grown accustomed to shopping online, it’s exciting to see the online perks (such as accessible detailed product information, customer reviews, other suggestions (what goes with this, etc?) also shown in a retail setting.

A user is able to use their smartphone to scan into the touch-screen into the fitting room, which tracks everything that she tries on and can view details of the product on the touch screen, as well as contacting a sales associate quickly. By tracking the items that someone tried on, the company can also share when that goes on sale or can provide coupons for that item if they share it through social. The mobile app will also help build up a personal profile to understand the customer better.

Why I’m Curious:
Though I like to try something on before purchasing, I hate waiting in lines. If I could use my mobile app to help me keep track of what I liked in a store, and easily purchase it later at home (though that wasn’t really featured in the video), I think it could really help the consumer journey! Also, if I could easily keep track of items that I’ve tried on and when they go on sale, it also provides utility to the consumer!


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