The greatest app ever made.

Screenshot 2014-08-01 10.46.28

Oh great gods of Android, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Do you love cats? Do you love anonymously driving a loved one insane? Then I have the app for you. About two years ago uber genius, Kyle Venn, wanted to learn how to create Android apps. With some inspiration from an infamous Reddit trolling and good ‘ol American ingenuity, Venn created Cat Facts. Good things take time.

Cat Facts is simple. Download the app. Choose someone that you want to bedevil from your contacts. Schedule the frequency of said bedeviling and hit go. Done. Cat Facts will do the rest by sending your chosen recipient a random fact about cats at your chosen time interval. GENIUS.

Download it now. And if anyone needs Scott Murphy’s phone number, email me.

(via The Verge)


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