Shock Top is one smooth talker

The next time you’re perusing the shelves at your local beer shop and you hear a voice coming from the cooler, there’s a chance it’s a sixer of Shock Top Belgian White trying to chat you up.

In a series of Youtube videos, the brand’s Mascot, Wedgehead, smooth talks bar-goers and liquor store shoppers.


Why I’m Curious:

This is Shocktop’s attempt to humanize the brand, literally, and I’m a fan.  Their positioning of “we know that Shocktop is the best beer, so we don’t have to talk about it.  Let’s talk about something else” indirectly pokes fun of other beer brands and these stunts are rather entertaining and witty.

Using stunts as video content has been a trend on social in the past few months.  From Carrie to the Chobani Bear, “shockvertising” is taking the internet by storm with one viral video after another.

One thing that leaves viewers thinking after watching Shocktop’s videos is how the brand did it and whether these clips are real.  Unlike Carrie & Chobani, Shocktop did not include a behind-the-scenes portions in these videos to ensure audience that these are authentic stunts.  Let’s see whether they’ll have a follow up.


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