Newcastle Celebrates July 3rd

Newcastle is back at it disrupting national American events, this time their focus is on July 4th.  If you remember their “non-Superbowl” ad, it seems that they are taking the same approach.

Why I’m Curious

Instead of celebrating July 4th and America’s independence from England, Newcastle would like to celebrate July 3rd.  Being that Newcastle is made in the U.K. this July 3rd holiday will be celebrated simply for the purpose of if the Brit’s won the Revolutionary war.  Stephen Merchant, an obvious Englishman, is all for the July 3rd celebration and goes in to discuss why America would be so much better if England won the war.

I really like how Newcastle keeps shaking up these American traditional events/holidays.  Droga5 and Newcastle are capitalizing on the buzz that is taking place already around the holiday and adding their own spin.  Instead of being like every other brand posting American flags and BBQs they take the opposing side and do the opposite.  This is an approach that most brands dream of doing but never know how to execute properly.  It will be interesting to see if this is the new trend for Newcastle and if any other brands will take this method on.




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