Bic wants to crowd source the universal font

Bic launched a new campaign where they are taking ballpoint to digital by crowd sourcing a universal typeface.

With a microsite, the brand is asking users to contribute digital samples of their handwriting and Bic will combine them and convert into a “universal typeface”.

The experiment, a joint effort by DDB Düsseldorf and MediaMonks, also lets users break down contributions by age, gender, industry and even individual contributors. The goal, according to DDB Dusseldorf managing direct Dennis May, is to show how penmanship is both unique and personal to people around the world.

The experience of the site is something to take note of.  It connects your phone with the computer using a code.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.05.46 AM
Computer Screen
The collective handwriting will also become a font that Bic will release to the public in August!

Why I’m Curious:

This experience seamlessly brings Bic’s product and brand to a fun digital experience.  It utilizes crowdsourcing to create a unique font that users can later download.  The gratification of having a piece of their handwriting contribute to this universal font highly motivates users to be part of this experiment.

One critique about this campaign is they could have pushed it to be a little more sharable and social.  Currently after completing the experiment, users get to share the image below.  Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.30.35 AM

The brand could have made this piece of content a little more sharable by allowing users to personalize it.   Instead of simply typing in random letters during the experiment, users could have written a sentence or spell out words that they can then share after.

Overall, I really enjoyed the second screen experience as it reminded me of Google’s skeeball game that was released last year.  Let’s try to consider that when we concept for digital campaigns!  


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