Ringly sends phone notifications in a discreet and fashionable way

Ringly is a ring which inconspicuously notifies the wearer of incoming phone notifications. If info is coming in, the ring will vibrate and flash a tiny light, so the wearer can be aware of communication without sacrificing social etiquette or style.


Co-founder Christina Mercando, a start-up alum with a background in fine art, created the ring because she was sick of missing texts and calls from friends and family, but also felt like a jerk for keeping her phone constantly in view. It connects to an iPhone or Android and alerts the wearer to incoming texts, calls, calendar alerts, or emails. It also allows for push notifications from Tinder, eBay, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why I’m Curious

This product is built off a great insight about consumer needs. I would like to see this service, as well as others like it, built with intense personalization capabilities. Users should be able to dictate precisely who, when, where, and what they are notified about. For instance, a person might perhaps only want to receive notifications from certain friends on the weekends, or when they are not at work.

[via NY Magazine]


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