The Heritage Bank Power Suite:

The Heritage Bank Power Suite:

Swipe with your sleeve not your wallet……..A new form of wearable payment tech is allowing men to pay for service without drawing attention. While contactless payment methods have no doubt gained popularity, the heritage bank power suit takes the idea to the next level in terms of style and ease of use. The suit—made from fine merino wool—contains an NFC chip (typically found in Visa payWave contactless payment cards) that is woven into the user’s suit allowing them to easily touch payment terminals to make any transaction. The user is then able to check their transaction instantly via mobile.

Why I am Curious:
I think this is a really cool idea and concept however I wonder how feasible this really is. You would only be able to use this when you were wearing this suite. Also, how is this washed? While I think the idea is clever I do think there are things that need to be worked out to make this a more seamless experience but I do believe it will get there soon.


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