Snapchat Messages!



It’s happened!  The long awaited update from Snapchat that allows messages and video chat via the app is here!

Why I’m Curious

Snapchat’s new look is cleaner, less muddy and easier to navigate.  Oh yeah, there is also messages and video messages that puts Snapchat in the the realm of conversation apps.  Users can send a Snapchat and reply instantaneously to the person who sent the chat directly.  You can finally respond to those great snaps quick and without much thought.  The new update also includes video chatting features; hold the chat button and video message with your pal.  For all those fans who like to get artsy you can now add filters to your messages to spice things up a bit.

After finding out about the new look and features I immediately updated my phone and started playing around.  For ten minutes I sent chats to my coworker and was engaging with the video messaging.   Now that Snapchat is in the sphere of messaging they have plenty of room to really explore the boundaries and create something that is completely different from apps like WhatsApp.  I can see fans moving off of messaging apps and utilizing Snapchat more because of the functionality of video that is incorporated with its original design.


Share your thoughts.

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