Behold, the Lebron app has arrived (only in Samsung devices)

Samsung on Thursday released a new app, titled “LeBron,” exclusively for Samsung Galaxy owners.

The app is split into four sections, each offering a look into the life and happenings of the Miami Heat forward both on and off the court:

  • Athlete – These are social updates, videos and photos from LeBron as he gets ready for games, post-game videos and more.
  • NBA Playoffs – This offers up LeBron’s season and career stats and also offers real-time updates and live scores from Heat games during the playoffs.
  • Style – This section includes photo updates and videos that feature LeBron’s kicks, breakfast choices and off-the-court clothing.
  • Journey – This is focused on photos and updates related to LeBron’s charity work and his family life.


Why I’m Curious:

According to Samsung, part of the value with the LeBron app — especially for his biggest fans — is that it will be the only place fans can expect to find lots of social updates from the sports giant.

LeBron is very savvy on social media and Samsung wants to leverage on this by only allowing Samsung fans get direct updates from LeBron exclusively on this app (not on Twitter, Instagram etc).

Over the last few years, Samsung has increasingly focused on bringing exclusive apps and experiences to its devices and users. In March, the company launched Milk Music, its own take on Pandora and iTunes radio & they brought rights to giveaway Jay Z’s new album

The idea is that these kind of exclusives, when taken in aggregate, will help convince buyers to choose a Samsung phone over a model from someone else.


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