Could Facebook become relevant again?


It seems there might be a rebirth of Facebook on the horizon. Tech news sites constantly trumpet the demise of Facebook, but I imagine it might not be as imminent as it seems. Are there ways to return to the golden days of Facebook, before FarmVille requests, family dramas and TMI moments, and a steady stream of irrelevant Likes?

Today I saw an article on PSFK about how one guy made Facebook work again, both as a web service and a social network. He made his experience better by going from 1,500 to 100 friends. Anyone who didn’t reflect who he was, or that he wasn’t interested in seeing in real life, was off the list. Doing this improved the quality of his Facebook feed, but also improved his experience with many of the services that were linked to his account.

This got me curious… For what reasons to people decide to give Facebook another shot? And what are their tactics for achieving it?




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