Yup, Sex Still Sells

Describing this video for [client name redacted] would completely ruin the experience. Just take a look for yourself.

Why I’m Curious

This piece is dripping in millennial appeal. The sexy dancing of a Britney Spears video, the twist ending of an R.L. Stine book – it’s pure perfection for an audience that’s grown up with a sex and adrenaline-fueled taste for pop culture.

So here’s what we can learn: when trying to reposition anything for a younger audience, look to what they’re actually engaging with in mass. Pairing new school with old school can offer unexpected contrast that helps a communication to generate buzz.


One thought on “Yup, Sex Still Sells

  1. This is awful and tasteless. I work with a lot of young people in the social media business, and I believe they would say the same thing. Thanks for sharing this.

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