We love dads too! Budlight’s spoof on “World’s Toughest Job” Viral Video

By now, you must have seen American Greeting’s “World’s Toughest Job” Viral Video, celebrating mothers through a video’s plot twist.

Every giant viral ad needs a parody (or a few dozen).  In just under a week, BudLight released a spoof video called “World’s Most #UpForWhatever Job”.  In the same vein, the brand interviews potential candidates for a job titled, “Director of Whatever”.  

Why I’m Curious:

The jokes made in this video are a little odd and even a little awkward.  However, Budlight’s quick turnaround for this spoof is still admirable.

The tie-in of “#UpForWhatEver” is Budlight’s brand message also used in their SuperBowl ad.


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