Safeguard makes it difficult to leave the bathroom with dirty hands

We all know, people aren’t always the cleanest and or hygienic, especially in places like NYC. That being said, if one dares to actually think about germs in places such as a bathroom, the thought can be enough to make one sick. Only 1 in 3 people wash their hands after using the public toilette and only 5% of the people that do wash their hands do it well enough to actually kill germs.

In order to aid is this issue, Safeguard has created a soap dispenser alarm that shames people into washing their hands. Essentially the tool works through pressure sensors that are connected to cubicle stall doors. Once open, they trigger an alarm and the only way to stop it is to press the alarm button which also conveniently dispenses soap in order to wash hands.

Why I am Curious:
While not enough to stop the spreading of germs for an entire city, I think this idea is brilliant. No one wants to be publically humiliated and in a way it reminds me of that chemical put in pools that turns pee purple. That being said, people are crazy and gross and I wonder if they will just ignore the alarm and walk out quickly.


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