KFC’s Corsages for Prom

In an effort to stay relevant and engage fans, KFC added a new promo to its #HowDoYouKFC.  The theme, prom.  The catch, a chicken corsage.

Why I’m Curious 

Spring calls for Spring dances and prom, so KFC worked the coming of age event into their #HowDoYouKFC campaign.  The commercial starts off with a high school boy meeting his date and the beautiful exchange of boutonnieres and corsages.  The twist is the high school boy gives his date an original recipe chicken corsage.  The spot has over 600,000 views since launch and has quickly turned into a viral social media campaign.  KFC not only made a hilarious spot but also gave fans the chance to buy KFC corsages in Louisville, Kentucky.

Millennials and teens seem to be the go to demographic for brands now-a-days so it is always interesting to see how they try to relate to them in an authentic way.  The response to the spot was positive and fans even started tweeting out their “promposal” moments and tagging KFC who retweeted them on their Twitter handle.  Social chatter continued with a partnership with BuzzFeed and the, “12 Best Ways to Ask Someone to Prom.”

In my opinion partnering KFC did it right in the social world.  They not only had a great spot that fans would want to share and participate with but they also partnered with big influencers that would push their content out and create a news worthy buzz.


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