Future Business Class Will Let Passengers Customize Their Seat From Their Phone

Thales Group, along with aircraft interior specialist BE Aerospace and BMW Design Works, have created a seat that can figure out your favorite food, sitting position, movie preferences, and more. It uses NFC to connect with your mobile so that you can either; tell the chair what you like before boarding, or let it use your data to figure everything out.

Apart from personal preferences, the chair also comes complete with surround sound, and has an in-flight entertainment system controlled by your eyes. Thanks to eye-tracking technology, you can select a movie just by looking at it on your screen. If you doze off, the system will pause the movie until you wake back up.

While Thales, B/E, and BMW haven’t landed their first customer yet. The group expects the chair to be out in the real-world within five years, but should someone want it sooner, it could be as little as three.






Why I’m Curious:

I’m curious to see if this type of technology will really exist in 3-5 years. Right now this seems so far-fetched to be able to control a device with your eyes, but it will be interesting to see if this becomes popular in the near future!



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