OKCupid Boycotts Firefox – PR Play or Socially Responsible?

World famous brands like Coca-Cola have made social good a major component of messaging, and now OKCupid is taking social responsibility a step further. Recently the dating site took a bold stance against the new Firefox CEO’s past donations supporting California’s Proposition 8, which effectively reversed the legality of gay marriage in the state. 

When visitors accessed OKCupid via Firefox, a letter openly criticizing the new Firefox CEO was displayed.


Why I’m Curious

People have been highly divided in terms of wether OKCupid made the right move. Some argue that the issue seemed very targeted when nearly every major corporation certainly has some leadership that’s supported anti-gay organizations. Yet others make the case that Firefox has a large philanthropic arm, and a leader with a track record of homophobic moves could create a bias against LGBT organizations. In the end, CEO Brendan Eich stepped down from his role, making OKCupid’s efforts a major success from the company’s point of view.

But what do you think – with plenty of companies housing homophobic leadership, was OKCupid in it for the PR or genuine social good?



Share your thoughts.

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