Smart Gluuuvs


Samsung, HTC, and Toshiba all decided to create a spot about Smart Gloves for April Fool’s Day. Tapping into a cultural event in the right way can be a powerful thing, but what happens when another brand unintentionally steals your thunder? 


The idea was a fun one: A smart glove allows you to tap into your social networks, capture photos/video, project virtual reality, and play music. Some of them even had a screen mounted on the glove. It shows that these companies are forward thinking even if it is in jest. 

Why I’m Curious

When other companies have the same idea, does it make these brands look somewhat stupid or does it show that great minds think alike? Clearly there must have been a similar input that caused them all to lock on to wearable technology. But this calls into question the process in which we come up with our ideas. We need to be looking beyond the normal inputs to find truly innovative ideas. If we keep looking at the same industry stats as these brands have, then we likely are talking to ourselves—and this is what happens!


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