Waves 4 Water: Youtube Annotation Campaign

Here’s an interesting play to promote not for profit organisation, Waves For Water, with a new YouTube Annotations Campaign called ‘Annotations For Water’…

It’s an animation made only with annotations to promote the message across YouTube. And with a simple bookmarklet tool, anyone can add this animation to their own videos and broadcast a message with a good cause, dramatically expanding reach of the campaign.

Why I’m Curious:

Many successful campaigns on social are ones that highly utilizes the specific functionalities of the platform.  Consumers use each platform different and it’s important for marketers to understand how to to insert brand message in an natural and organic way.

In “Annotations for Water”, the brand utilizes a function that is native and unique to the platform.  However, the way that they executed is rather disruptive and might even annoy users.  It seems like it’s an attempt of native advertising, but the way that the brand message was portrayed was not intuitive and even more annoying than watching 5 sec of an ad before a video.


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