Taco Bell “Breakfast Phones”


Big News.  Taco Bell has been experimenting with a new menu recently.  In order to compete with the big fast food chains of the world their new menu now consists of breakfast foods.  Bizarre, we know, but Taco Bell has taken an adventurous spin to promoting the new menu that might just persuade fans.

Why I’m Curious

Taco bell has sent their top influencers and true lovers of their menu Samsung phones and labeling them “Breakfast Phones.”  When fans receive the phones they will be sent on a number of missions to complete with their “Breakfast Phone.”  Fans that finish their missions will be awarded with various prizes from a year of Taco Bell breakfast to a Waffle Taco hoodie.  

This is a great way for Taco Bell to promote their new menu especially since fans might be skeptical about a breakfast menu.  Also very smart for Samsung to partner in this launch as their new GS5 phone comes out in the next couple weeks.  Details for the missions are to be determined but hopefully they incorporate a taste testing for the new menu.


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