Jawbone’s Up Coffee app allows you to discover how caffeine intake influences sleep

In time for National sleep awareness month, Jawbone created an app that showcases the correlation between caffeine intake and the quality of future sleep (i.e. if you drink X cups of coffee you won’t be able to go to bed until X time).  The app shows how “worn out” a user might become because of the caffeine they drink and reveals the user’s “coffee” persona, which measures the caffeine levels, sleep patterns and gives tips for behavioral change.


The app also pairs with Jawbone Up wrist tracker which ultimately helps users understand sleep, movement, and eating so they can make smarter choices.

Why I am curious:

As the health trend continues to grow and become more and more integrated with technological experiences, it is interesting to see how granular data is becoming.  i.e. Will a person eventually know what foods they need to eat/avoid and or exercises they need to do so they don’t get certain diseases/illnesses etc.


Share your thoughts.

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