Meet GFY, the new & improved GIF

The “GFY” is a short video using HTML5 technology. Similar to a GIF, a GYF  loops a short video without sound and looks very similar to a GIF. Anyone can make a GYF on The creators claim the 3 major differences are:

  • “Speed – Average is 8 times faster.
  • Unlimited size – No need to use inferior hosts. Have that 25mb gif you want to share? No problem!
  • Nifty features – Play in reverse, slo mo, speed up, or pause and analyze frame by frame.”

On the site, there’s a great example on the site of a cat and baby. To the average user, the two formats look incredibly similar; however, the GYF supposedly takes up less space and thus, faster.

I’m curious because this evolution of the GIF continues to show how visuals (photographs, video, GIF and now GYF) continue to have higher resolution and better quality, leading to more compelling content on social.

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