Wake Up to the Scent of Bacon…Without Bacon

Why wake up to a boring alarm clock when the sound and aroma of sizzling bacon can act as a substitute? Fans of Oscar Mayer bacon can now enter to win an iPhone attachment that does just that.

In an attention-grabbing move, the brand launched a feisty microsite (wakeupandsmellthebacon.com) where bacon enthusiasts can learn about the device, watch a video – and of course – flip through a glossy, parallax-based stream of product benefits. Let’s not forget that fans can enter to win the device, too.

Oscar Mayer Bacon Alarm

Source: PSFK

Why I’m Curious

In some advertising circles, “stunts” are considered a dirty word. Yet in our people-are-now-publishers world, they’re becoming the new go-to way to drive social conversations at scale. Just look back on the past few months of what’s been shared to Curious Fridays – almost all of the celebrated work is bold, highly creative and often “stunty.”

Sure, publishing a TV spot to social will drive some engagement – put anything out there and someone will “like” it – but this new model of content is much more ambitious, creatively inspired and attention grabbing enough to function at social scale.

The point? Everything we create is inherently “social” – whether it’s a microsite, branded video or product¬†development. The trick to harnessing the power of social is ensuring that creative is novel enough to warrant sharing. Call it a stunt, campaign or whatever you wish, bigger, more wild ideas will always get more people talking. And that, my friends, is not just a crispy, pan-seared trend.


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