Missed Connection: Chromeo

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.56.16 AM
Chromeo, the electrofunk group recently listed a missed connection for “White Women.”  This poetic yet sultry listing is actually an ad for their new album release, hence the “White Women” title.  The ad/listing features lyrics from one of the songs on the album, “Come Alive” that is supposed to launch May 12, 2014.

Why I’m Curious

Social media and the internet has really changed the way music artists promote their music and make it available to their fans.  In this day and age an artist can’t grow without advertising through social media.  I thought this was a really clever idea by the duo, Chromeo.  Not only are they hitting their target audience who most likely reads missed connections but they found a fun and interesting way to promote their album in which no artist has done before.

This ad/listing reminds me of the Mindy show advertisements on Tindr where users could swipe to like Mindy and it would automate a message promoting the show.  These types of ads draw in users and fans because it is out of the ordinary and excites the audience.  If I happen to be on missed connections and saw song lyrics of an artist I am definitely going to at least look up the band/group to learn more.  I hope to see more advertisements in this form as they can really create a lot of buzz.


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