it’s hip to be hair

Old Spice continues to get weird with the launch of the microsite “That’s the Power of Hair.” To promote its new line of men’s hair care products, the brand created an interactive site where you’re greeted by an Old Spice pitchman. After a short exposition on the virtues of Old Spice’s hair care products, the pitchman’s hair crawls off his head and into position at the foot of an old school looking keyboard. From there, you’re invited to type in the Huey Lewis song of your choosing, and the hair artfully rattles off its best rendition.

Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.19.38 PM


Why I’m Curious?

Old Spice has firmly staked its claim on this particular type of bizarre humor…A humor that succeeds on the power of seemingly random combinations of niche/cultish pop-culture touchstones (see also: Wolf Dog).

Executionally, the full-screen video is pretty slick, and I thought it was a clever turn to ask users to type in a Huey Lewis tune versus having them simply select from a library…You gotta dig deep! Also presents the illusion that that hair piece knows his whole repertoire (versus the still impressive 29 songs it actually can play).


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