PillPack Challenges Brick-and-Mortar Pharmacies


Recent studies show that more than 20% of Americans take more than five prescription medications each day. A new online pharmacy called PillPack is helping those people by organizing their medications and delivering them every two weeks in convenient tear-off packs that are clearly dated.

Why I’m Curious

The digital space is incredibly crowded with meager, insubstantial ‘innovations’, so seeing something truly insightful is exciting. 

The tear-off pill pack leverages a consumer truth in a way that traditional pharmacies haven’t done; namely, that people have a hard time organizing their complex pill regimens. The packaging also minimizes the stigma of a jangling pill bottle in a person’s bag. I also enjoy their positioning as a service of humans-helping-humans. 

Of course there are some concerns. As a new service, they don’t yet have a reputation for their shipping quality. Privacy and security is also imperative, since they’ll be handling sensitive information. I also wonder if they might run into issues with the legislation involved in running a pharmacy.


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