Love It, Hate It, Just Don’t Forget It

This summer, Marmite created a controversial ad that featured families that had “forgotten” about their Marmite jars; the crew collected these jars and passed them on to families that would use and appreciate them. (The analogy of Marmite jars to abused or neglected animals raised complaints about downplaying such a grave situation, but in my mind–also created an emotional connection to the product.)

Why I’m Curious:

This ad played up the polarizing aspect of it’s brand and saw a +14% increase in sales in the 8 weeks that the TV ad was on air, compared to the 8 weeks prior. I’m curious because brands are often scared to take a strong stand or focus on a polarizing quality, and yet brands that are taking the plunge are seeing positive results.

I see more brands taking a stand, being a bit “controversial” and being rewarded for it. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be about its own brand. For example, CVS announced they will longer sell tobacco products, which will result in a $2 BILLION annual loss. Clearly, the brand is hoping for a greater brand affinity/potential growth and is taking this huge risk.)


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