Farmed & Dangerous: Chipolte’s New Online Show

Premiering February 17, Farmed & Dangerous is a new 30-min online program that supports Chipotle’s branded entertainment initiatives. It’s a comedy that will air with commercials from Chipotle and other brands, but that surfaces new issues about sustainable agriculture that people might not know about.

Chipotle has led the pack with its branded entertainment initiatives. As far back as 2009, Chipolte was sponsoring viewings of films like Food, Inc. It then began creating its own content with its Back to The Start spot in 2011. Just last it year released The Scarecrow, a video as well as a game. Through these initiatives, Chipotle is solidifying its POV on sustainable farming and becoming an ally of family farmers, an underdog story anybody can get behind.

Why I’m Curious

The most compelling part of this activation is actually the length of Chipotle’s programming. There are four episodes of 30 minutes in length. It will be aired as part of Hulu’s Brand Authored Content section. I’m wondering how many people will seek out this execution by name or if people visit that section of Hulu on purpose. Furthermore, I’m curious to see how this plays out digitally within social or if they have any additional support for the video.

As Chipotle is firming up its stance on food and farming related issues, how does this actually dive people to the store? Branded entertainment is a great way for brands to start a conversation and tell its brand story. I’m curious how Chipotle is attributing its success back to this model of advertising.


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