Bio-sensing book changes temperature based on the plot

When reading a good book, often a reader can find themselves so immersed in a fictional world where things such as empathizing with characters feels natural. But in order to really enhance this experience, Sensory Fiction—a course at MIT Media lab—is aiming to create concepts that are inspired by fictional fantasies. In one of the course’s latest concepts, users are able “feel” fiction as they read, through tech and sensors that vibrate and change temp in correlation to the plot.

The basic setup for the concept involves a book cover with LED lights—changing according to the mood of the story, as well as a wearable tech piece that changes temp, vibrations and pressure as the reader turns the page.

Why I’m Curious:
Some of the most exciting experiences are those that are convergent/ubitech (physical + digital). It’s a blurring of the lines between what is reality vs what is tech. I really love this concept and think this would be even more exciting if you could also smell the scenes in the book or even taste. I think adding all these sensorial touches/elements really has the power to create an exhilarating experience in the real world.


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