A Full House Renunion

Full House, the early 90s TV show, has a space in many a twenty-something year olds’ hearts. The Dannon-owned Greek yogurt brand, Oikos, is tapping into this during this year’s Super Bowl.

The brand has rolled out a microsite, OikosBromance, in advance of the big game. The site features a variety of short videos featuring the three lead men from Full House – Stamos, Saget, and Coulier (Uncle Joey) with the campaign wrapper “Fuel Your Pleasure.”

Main teaser spot:

Why I am Curious:

While Full House definitely still has a nostalgic factor (and John Stamos is still quite popular), I wonder how this reunion will actually help sell yogurt.  In some senses, the fact that Stamos is of Greek heritage actually may offend some people, perhaps playing into a stereotype   I do like the idea of focusing the campaign around a group of male friends as I think this will help break the perception that Greek yogurt is for women.

Here’s to seeing if this bromance reunion goes viral!


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