Unlock Your Phone With Your Ear

Apple was the first to tap into devices that recognize their owners by biometrics but Androids are taking it to the next level with ERGO.  ERGO is a new app developed by Descartes Biometrics, Inc. that can unlock a passcode on your phone using your ear.  The app is developed for the Android system and needs no other hardware in order to function on the phone.

Why I’m Curious

ERGO recognizes the phone user’s ears and cheeks against the touchscreen and will unlock the phone.  The app at this point is ready for the consumer but there have been complaints that after a number of scans the phone does not recognize the user’s cheek.  This is obviously an app that is a work in progress but think of the technology behind the app has opened a world of discussion.

As performance and technology on phones increases the exploration in mobile biometrics will become an accelerating trend.  The world already has seen functionality on the phone’s hard ware and now apps, what will be next?  It is possible that a developer will broaden retina scanners to unlock a passcode or breathing habits to control music through your headphones. (Which might already be developed and ready for the consumer.  Hint.  Hint.)  I am curious to see what will be available for the consumer come next year and what new developments for authentic identification will be accessible.


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