Nibblr snacks on the subscription model

As subscription surprise and delight services (think Birchbox, Craft Coffee, Kiwi Crate) have gained popularity, more brands are emerging to offer a similar service across industries.  General Mills recently launched Nibblr, a subscription-based snack delivery service aimed at female office workers, 25-35.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.57.05 PM

Consumers subscribe to a box of snacks that can be delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly. The number of deliveries — six boxes for six weeks, 12 boxes for 12 months, etc. — is up to the buyer. Each box contains four individually packaged snacks made mostly of dried fruit and nuts, about 70 percent of which are 150 calories or less.

The product was developed by General Mills’ internal innovation department, 301 Inc., which aims to generate ideas outside of the company’s traditional business segments — cereal, yogurt, convenient meals, etc. — which have their own innovation teams.  Nibblr has its own unique branding and doesn’t tout its GM affiliation openly.

via @adverblog

Why I’m Curious

It’s unique to see a big brand like General Mills experiment with spin-offs, and  I’m interested to see how their foray into a direct-to-consumer model will pan out.  The subscription model is certainly a popular one, and no one has thus far dominated the healthy snacks market. As low calorie snacks are increasingly coveted by health conscious millennials and Gen X’ers, Nibblr looks promising, with the right marketing and customer response.



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