Pop Dongle for Scented Gaming


Popcorn brand, Pop Secret wanted to drive buzz around a new game it developed. To help promote it, it created a dongle that plugs into the audio jack of a phone. The dongle emits popcorn aroma based on how successful the player is at the game. 


There are, however, only three Pop Dongles available and they’re being auctioned on eBay. One sold for $315. 

<Pop Dongle, designed by Deeplocal>

Why I’m Curious

The pop dongle isn’t a revolutionary new technology. The people in Japan have been trying to make smell-o-vision for a while now. It’s just the first time a brand has actually used this technology to bring it to consumers. 

The limited quantity of these devices helps drive buzz because scarcity implies exclusivity, helping demand skyrocket. The fact that a tech guy or just an avid fan would drop $315 on this gadget is pretty impressive. Also, if this device were actually mass produced, it would actually drive sales because who can resist the smell of buttery popcorn? 



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