P&G For The Win

P&G got the gold with their latest Olympics commercial – as one of AdWeek’s ads of the day this week. It tugs at the hearts strings while adding to their #BecauseofMom campaign. Have a watch.

From AdWeek:

Despite focusing on a quartet of icy winter sports, the new spot, “Pick Them Back Up,” is as warm and fuzzy as it gets. The video follows four future athletes—a skier, ice skater, snowboarder and hockey player—from their first (not so successful) baby steps to their Olympic debuts. But the ad isn’t really about the athletes, of course. It’s about the dedicated moms who were there to pick them up when they fell (which is quite a lot), ice their bruises and warm their freezing toes—and send them back out to try again.

Why I’m Curious

Storytelling is all the rage these days. Commercials are becoming longer and brands are becoming the ultimate content creators. Is the way of the world to create longer stories or are we going to see the :15 second spots stick around?


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