Electrolux Design Lab 2014 focuses on ‘Creating Healthy Homes’

Electrolux Design Lab 2014 focuses on ‘Creating Healthy Homes’

Each year Electrolux does an international design competition for design students that is aimed at finding futuristic/cutting edge concepts for improving homes. This year’s theme was focused around spaces that are ‘greener’ and ‘healthier.’ Contestants could submit concepts that ranged across three different categories: Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purification and had to create concepts for a product, accessory, consumable or service. After submission, contestants had to share their work via social media and write a development blog. They then received feedback from professionals and had the opportunity to win. The few that did win received a cash prize, and the grand prize winner got not only a cash prize but a 6 month paid internship with the company.

This years winning submission was developed by a man named Adrian Perez Zapata from Columbia—with a cleaning system that uses tiny flying robots to clean surfaces by removing dust with a drop of water. (See the winning submissions here)

Why I am Curious:
I’m always curious about design concepts that push the limits for what is currently in the mass consumer markets. I love seeing the designs that come out of this each year because they are always inventive and are on the cusp of technology.


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