Will Squat for Rides

A vending machine that offers free rides to passenger was installed in a subway station in Vystavochaya, Russia this week. But nothing is truly free – so passengers have to perform 30 squats within 2 minutes to get their ticket.

From Digital Trends,

Of course, for those keen to avoid turning up at work stinking of sweat, cash payments (30 rubles/$0.93 for a single journey) continue to be accepted.

The special machine is part of a wider campaign being run by Russia’s Olympic Committee to promote next year’s Winter Games in Sochi and to encourage people to “add elements of sport into daily life.”


Why I’m Curious

I’m a huge follower of the Summer and Winter Olympics and I’m always really interested on how the locations prepare and create hype over the events. Then adding something digital made me even more excited. I thought it was a great way to not only create a scene at a subway station, but also a unique way to get people talking about the Olympics in a positive way.


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